Brick by brick

Bricks by Ree is a real estate company owned and managed under Ree Office. We operate a portfolio of attractive real estate assets in accordance with the family’s values and our business principles. The assets serve one of two purposes: Either as investments in their own right or supporting the family’s business activities. Below are links to the family’s other assets and activities.

A part of Ree Office

These are the major components of our activities.

Ree Office

Ree Office is the family office for the Ree family.
We manage the family’s wealth as well as its philanthropic and purpose-driven activities.

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Torque is an investment company owned by the Ree Family with a diverse portfolio of private equity investments and an open and unconventional approach.

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Reeason is the Ree family’s purpose-driven activities. Together they constitute a wide variety of businesses, organizations, and projects whose common denominator is a commitment to conserving and protecting endangered nature and wildlife.

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